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1. Super VIP - New this year there are 6, numbered, passes available, right up by the pro starting line, for $250 per spot.  This year the spaces include mowing, right before the event.  Super VIP spots are the best-viewing, up front spots, the best of the best, and can be reserved and purchased online starting on January 1.  Super VIP campers can arrive starting at Noon on Wednesday, September 11 and will be guaranteed the exact spot that they purchased.                

2. VIP - There are 76 numbered, premier camping passes available for $125 per spot. For the first time, each spot will be mowed before you arrive.  These are the best-viewing, up front spots and can be reserved and purchased online starting at noon on January 1. VIP campers can arrive from 9am on Thursday, September 12 through 10pm on Friday, September 13, and will be guaranteed the exact spot that they purchased. VIP campers who do NOT arrive by 10pm on Friday, September 13, might NOT be given their VIP spot and might have to camp in the regular campground (No Refunds).  EARLY campers can select their own spot in the regular campground, (not any of the VIP spots), but they get arrive a full day earlier than the regular campers, starting at 9am on Thursday, September 12.

3. REGULAR - Regular camping passes are the same that we have been selling for the last nine years and cost $25 per vehicle. They work on a first-come, first-served basis. Regular campers can begin entering the campground starting at 8:00am on Friday, September 13, and CANNOT enter the campground until that time. If you are a regular camping pass-holder, please do NOT start lining up on the side of the road until AFTER 8pm on Thursday.

4. TENT CAMPING is allowed and is the same $25 per spot fee as motorhomes and camp trailers.  Nice, leashed dogs are okay in the campground.  Please pick up your dog hoodgie.  Dogs are NOT allowed in the fenced spectator area, period (other than seeing eye dogs).  Campfires are okay, but like at the Big Nasty, they MUST be in a contained fire box or BBQ, NO open, on the ground campfires (too messy and dangerous).  Seniors, handicapped and veterans ONLY, MAY bring 4-wheelers to get around, as long as your obey our 15 mph speed limit.  ALL OTHER, NON-RACING ATTENDEES, PLEASE KEEP YOUR 4-WHEELERS AND MINI BIKES AT HOME.  If you want to race around, please enter the hillclimb and race up there.

5. EXTRA VEHICLES - ALL campers, whether VIP, Early, or Regular, may bring ONE additional vehicle into the campground, (such as those used to run back and forth to town during the event) and must pay a lower fee of $15 per vehicle. The limit is one extra vehicle per camp spot. All extra vehicles must be within the designated camping spot which satisfies our ingress/egress safety requirements. If you want to park or camp with friends, please arrive at the same time. Be courteous to your neighbors.

6. MOTORCYCLE - The motorcycle campground remains in the same location as in previous years and costs $25 per bike. It opens at 8:00am on Friday as it has in the past. It involves only about 350 feet of off-pavement riding through grass and does not have any mud or tricky riding and your bike won't get filthy getting in.

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Super VIP Spot Selection

VIP Spot Selection

Early Entry Campground Tickets

The limited number of the 100 “Early-Entry” are sold on a first-come-first-serve basis. This requires the ticket bearer to arrive ONLY on Thursday 9 am to 10 pm to take advantage of the Early-Entry tickets. This allows for the ticket bearer to select their location within the campground (NOT any of the reserved spots). One person cannot purchase a block of tickets and tape off an area to hold for other late arrivals and this will be strictly enforced.

Early Camping Spaces

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